Having a positive perspective isn’t always easy, is it?

If you are like me you were a little late to the show on a “positive thinking bus”. This means it can be easy to slide back into old ways, if you aren’t careful. After years of thinking negatively and focusing on what you don’t like, it can be very seductive to fall back into those old patterns. 

Should what’s an old dog to do when he or she wants to learn new tricks?

1) Look for the most beautiful object in your thoughts, anything that makes you feel happy.

2) Throwback on to the bestest memories; Life has had its high points and that’s true for all of us. In moment of worry or negativity go back and recollect all those moments that made you happy. Keep searchingthose high points.

3) Think forward to something that you’ll probably be doing in future; planning what you would like to do to make yourself feel relaxed and happier in all sense.

4) Find out the things that you have and make you feel grateful; when we are in negative state of mind we focus on the things we don’t have. Focus on the things you have that other people don’t have..

5) Imagine being hugged by someone special who care for you; hugs are naturally rewarding and on getting hugged, oxytocin is released in blood stream, that makes feel good and relaxing.

So, just take time to remind that my perspective that is determining how much life is unfolding is very powerful thing I could do, this will give an ability to bring positive change in life.



The changing social dynamics of India; Cow is the new buzz

This is the post excerpt.

That’s the white side of the scenario. Do you really think that’s really happening? Politics on name of cow? Cases of women being raped in Gurgaon (almost 4 cases reported in last week), muslims being lynch on the name of hindutwa, that innocent a 16 year young boy who was killed by a mob in Haryana, why are we being anti social, this is not how we see India in coming years. The future and its course is decided by our present actions. We see our beloved PM coming up today and saying whatever happened shouldn’t have happened. It’s a disgust, I still see that hatred among people. Cases of lynching has been increased in last few years and I don’t have to explain explicitly why. It’s tristful when I read the news saying a young boy was brutally beaten to death, a guy in Rajasthan was beaten for hoarding cows, and yesterday night an old Muslim man was killed alive, his home was put on fire reason being a cow died. These are so called Acche Din we are experiencing. Needless to say when I say women or cow, there’s no comparison, women are integral part, not cow and when this saying comes good subjective measures are suppose to be taken to ensure women safety. There’s lot to this and but as we say Incredible India and hence our india is indeed incredible.